Our 1st COMPASS Employability Graduate

We don’t just register candidates; we go on a journey with you!  Read a little bit about Pete, our first COMPASS Employability Support Graduate!

Pete had been struggling to secure work for an extended period and finding the right job had become an increasing challenge. However, with the support of our Tutor John and our team of Recruitment Consultants, we are delighted to say that Pete successfully completed the ‘Preparing the Right Attitudes for Work’ and ‘Job Hunting & Starting Work’ Units of the program and has now secured an ongoing contract with a Rugby based employer via the Specialist Recruitment Services team!

The Recruitment team helped Pete with the PPE required for his new role and assisted him in his first week, getting him back and forwards to work to ensure his transition back into employment was a little less stressful!

Pete has just completed his first month and has been awarded Specialist Recruitment Services Temp of the Month!

Well Done Pete!

If you or someone you know is currently struggling to secure that elusive new opportunity, then why not get in touch and see how the team at Specialist Recruitment Services can support your journey back into employment.