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Using a recruitment consultancy to find a job

It’s not enough to register with a recruitment agency and expect work to follow. The most successful job seekers are the most proactive.  Here are some things to bear in mind when working with an agency:

  • Give your recruiter as much information as possible: Decide what salary you are looking for, what locations you are willing to work in (ie how far you are willing to travel to work), what type of role you want to do and if there are any jobs that you wouldn’t do, or any types of organisations you wouldn’t work for.
  • Make sure your CV is accurate and up to date: This will save you and the recruitment agency a lot of time. Consider any advice from your recruitment consultant about improving your CV – remember they are the professionals and they want to help you get a job.
  • Be proactive: Keep in regular contact with your recruitment consultant. Call them once a week and let them know you are still looking for work.

SRS do great work every day, transforming people’s lives.  A number of SRS’s candidates have inspiring stories of success, demonstrating how we’ve made a real difference in changing their lives for the better.


Why choose SRS?

REC Corporate Member

By using an REC member agency like SRS you are ensuring you’re working with a recruitment agency that is compliant and committed to best practice.

Jobs Transform Lives

SRS totally understand this, and strive to meet your work objectives in a timely, ethical and diligent manner.  We are committed to responding to every candidate that registers with us.

We Listen

Our registration process and initial interview is designed to ensure that we do not waste time and effort in getting you to attend unsuitable job starts or interviews.

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