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What's so special about how we recruit?

Specialist Recruitment Services UK Ltd have developed a comprehensive 30 stage recruitment process which allows us to deliver a recognised and branded service.  Every time you work with us you will know what to expect and what stage of the process is coming next.  This is reinforced by a single point of contact approach meaning the same person will work with you through out the process delivering a positive end result.


Specialist Recruitment Services recruitment process is 'REC Compliant'.

REC Compliant


Specialist Recruitment Services will shortlist Candidates for your Vacancy within 5 working days.



Specialist Recruitment Services seek feedback from 100% of its Candidates & Clients, whether we make a placement or not?



SRS will always seek permission before marketing its services to your business.  Every piece of marketing material which is sent out is also followed up within 5 working days.  We always conduct research on your business and your current vacancies prior to making contact so will often have suitable Candidates available for immediate application.  Specialist Recruitment Services UK Ltd are also fully GDPR compliant.

Vacancies & candidate shortlisting

Specialist Recruitment Services will only agree to work on vacancies it feels it can fill.  In addition we will not start to shortlist and submit candidates to any vacancy until you as the employer are happy with the process.  We guarantee that there will be no surprises!

All vacancies are extensively advertised with SRS using its excellent social media channels to promote the role to candidates in your local area.  On application all candidates are submitted with a full summary sheet detailing their experience or a full CV depending on the level.


Interviews are a natural way to find out more about the candidates we have shortlisted for your vacancy.  Specialist Recruitment Services are experts in managing the interview process and can set up individual face to face meetings, group interviews, assessment days, and even work trials.

SRS provide feedback to 100% of the candidates it puts forward to employers, whether they are successful or not.  Therefore to be one of our clients we ask that you also commit to, and support this important part of the recruitment process.

Offers & candidate placement

Specialist Recruitment Services are expert negotiators and have supported hundreds of candidates through the process of accepting an offer of employment.  We act as brokers and make sure that every offer of employment proposed by our clients is lawful and as per the job description & specification.

For employers we get to know your business and can therefore genuinely champion you to candidates as part of the offer process.  Our brokerage can often allow you to address small issues, which can lead to you securing your employee of choice.



Specialist Recruitment Services obtain feedback from 100% of its candidates and clients throughout the recruitment process.   In addition, on successful placement, SRS will obtain feedback from both the employer and candidate throughout the induction and probationary periods.  This allows us to monitor progress, offer support and provide further careers advice or workforce development services where required to guarantee a successful transition.

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