SRS have used COVID-19 to create a new and innovative approach to supporting jobseekers.

I had not previously heard of the National Careers Service, it was a Recruitment Consultancy based colleague of my adviser Tony who initially contacted me, responding to my application made on a Job Searching website.  She told me about all the support available from SRS and it was refreshing for a recruiter to offer me a full program of support.  This is something which I had not experienced from other recruiters and something which immediately struck me as being new and very innovative.  Being offered National Careers Service support by SRS’s Recruitment Consultancy allowed me to review and improve my CV and to look into my longer term career options after a few short term temporary warehousing roles.

With the advice and support offered, I have now been able to enrol on to a Sage 50 qualification and this will improve my chances of finding that ideal role in Finance/Accounting, using my previous experience in this field, moving away from warehousing in the longer term.

Having an agency that championed my longer term career progression, over just placing me in to another temporary warehouse role, was such a new and innovative approach.  Thank you so much for your help!